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So This Is Disney...

So This Is Disney... What  A Smile..... "Espresso Dreams" Wrong... Remembering Honolulu.... Lomo Skittles Security... Feel My Wrath ... 52 weeks contines The Boy Who Would Be King Sunset El Dorado Hills Folsom Lake @ Sunset The Saga Continues.... I Drink Your MIlkshake... I Drank This... Srsly Thanks Andy.S The Cat Phone? *Swoon My Own Version of Cinnamon Rose... Weekend Kick Off Royalty

So says my popular tag on my profile

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Findlater Photography says:

a great collection of photos showing one mans dedication to his favourite things, Coffee and his kids
hmmmmmmm coffee (insert sound of homer simpson slobbering)
Posted 91 months ago. ( permalink )

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VanillaTwilight says:

love your whole photostream :[)
Posted 78 months ago. ( permalink )

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