Red Fox
After you have awarded my best shot and friend in the sky, I will show you some of the other pictures. That was really hard work: I started twice for this fox, the first time it disappeared in the corn field. Next was me hiding in the corn and made some 30 m on my knees, after being crawled 20 m through fresh mucked grass. Can you imageing how strong I smelled (probably not much worser than a wet fox). But it was worth! See and enjoy...

During this session with the cubs I have learned a lot: Patience! Never try to take pictures when kids are playing around. Going up to ISO 1600 after 8 pm is not the best solution. A kingdom for light. Big lenses (100-400) are helpful but do not try to catch rapid mouvements in shorter distances. My first steps in real and "heavy" wildlife... Anyway: Enjoy!

The Red Fox from Biebrza in Poland has it's own interesting story! Please read it when you open any picture of this fox serial.
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