Reconnect: Zíta Rá Woodsculpture / Wood Carving Art Installation
The installation presented in this set is quite powerful (with the woodcarving sculptures presented in a spooky environment),

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This set is part of a Collection featuring many of Reigate Sand Caves and Mines.

A set of images taken at "Reconnect" - the Zíta Rá woodcarving sculpture exhibition and installation located in the Tunnel Road Sand Caves and Mines, Reigate, Surrey, UK - hosted by the Wealdon Cave and Mine Society.

See also the related, additional Tunnel Road Sand Caves set showing more images of other parts of the cave complex.

The very low levels of lighting - and the non "black body" spectra of fluorescent, candle, gas discharge and LED lighting sources - together made accurate luminance and colour capture and representation difficult. Usually, there was no meaningful or consistent "colour temperature". Different individuals also have particularly markedly different visual perceptions in near darkness. (Truth be told, in some instances I just had a bit of fun with the colour in post-processing. The actual lighting was predominantly "artificial white".) In many cases, different versions of similar images have been presented in this set - each with different tonal and hue presentations. A tripod mount and long 30 second exposures at slow ISO/ASA speeds were used. The extended dynamic range captured by RAW files, and other HDR techniques (including "Local Adaptation / Tone Mapping") have been utilised.
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