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Illusion of Depth and Space (15/22) - Colour 3D Anaglyph of 3D Anaglyph (Red and "Green") Stereoscopic Glasses | by Dominic's pics
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Illusion of Depth and Space (15/22) - Colour 3D Anaglyph of 3D Anaglyph (Red and "Green") Stereoscopic Glasses

Modelled using Maxon's Cinema 4D CGI package.


Colour 3D Anaglyph of a pair of 3D Anaglyph (Red and "Green") Stereoscopic Glasses


To view this image in 3D you should use a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses. These have a red filter over the left eye, and cyan (greeny blue coloured) filter over the right eye. Viewing the image through these type of glasses in a smaller size may enhance the 3D illusion.


Some anaglyph glasses have "weaker" cyan filters that also allow some red light through. This is intended to enhance the colour vision experience. This is at the expense of poorer separation between the left and right eye views. For this reason, the contrast of the image has been reduced (with no pure blacks) to minimise ghosting. All 3D illusions depend to some extent on the human's brain playing along, however.


WARNING! Be aware that looking at 3D anaglyph glasses in 3D using 3D anaglyph glasses may cause a rupture in time and space.


A very much better full colour 3D system - RealD - is developing in cinema. Circularly polarized filters in glasses is used to separate the left and right eye views (using clockwise and anti-clockwise polarization), even if you tilt your head. A special screen preserves reflected polarization. The screen is also brighter / more reflective, which helps because at least half the light is removed by efficient polarizing filters. A very quickly alternating circularly polarizing liquid crystal shutter is placed over - and synchronised with - the cinema digital video projector - making the experience ficker free. A key mover is Lenny (Leonard) Lipton who has had a lifelong passion for 3D. He also, coincidentally, co-wrote the lyrics to the enduring hit Puff the Magic Dragon, originally performed by Peter, Paul and Mary back in 1963.


Some nice 3D galleries of both anaglyphs and SIRDS can be found


Part of a set of photos exploring illusions of depth and space.

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Taken on March 21, 2009