Morning after? No hangover.

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    Nothing like popping into the kitchen the next morning, looking at last night's work, and saying ... yes. That will do.

    Each plate will have a double line of quilting, one line each ¼" inside and ¼" outside the inner ring. I'm also tracing each petal roughly ¼" inside each seam. Later, when more of the quilt is stable, I'll go back and add the decorative motifs in the empty circles inside each plate, and in the empty spaces between each plate.

    Right now? This is triage. This fabric is strong but it IS nearly 80 years old. I don't want to handle it any more than necessary until it's got the extra strength of the batting and backing helping it out.

    What is this quilt? Why am I being so careful? See or today's blog entry,

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    1. ann_champion 45 months ago | reply

      After reading your blog post I'd agree with your estimation on the date these fabrics came from. Your description of the muslin sounds like it fits that time frame as well. I think it's wonderful that you're saving this beautiful quilt. It would have been a real shame for it to be used as a cutter! Your quilting looks wonderful so far... :)

    2. domesticat 45 months ago | reply

      Ann - you would've chuckled if you could've seen the reaction when I brought the top into a quilt shop. The owner came in from across the room and said, WHERE DID YOU GET THIS? Next thing I knew, it was out of my hands and spread out on the table. It got looked over, front and back, seam allowances gently flipped back and forth to see the stitching.

      I find I'm talking to this quilt top more than I usually do. Last night I patted it after turning off the sewing machine and said, "You've waited a long, long time for this, haven't you? Just a little longer, and then you'll go to someone who will adore you."

      It's going to Catherine and Jeff, in Illinois; Catherine's watching the photos and posts show up and I think she's bouncing every time there are updates. I love the thought that it will go to someone who will love it because of the journey it took to get to her doorstep.

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