#ds31 - Nails on a Chalk Board

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    "We live in a world of noise: squeaks, honks, laughter, etc. Make a photo of a noise maker you hear today."

    This was my second choice for today's dailyshoot assignment. Since I still had to fill in the old one, I'm posting it under that prompt. I am VERY thankful that we don't have to use our chalkboards often anymore. Most of our classrooms are now equipped with SmartBoards, which make only the occasional squeaking noise if your hands are sweaty!

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    1. sparklefade (busy/travelling for a while) [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

      This is a really good setup for this assignment - I'm physically cringing looking at this. Great idea (as usual)!

    2. www.photogms.com 53 months ago | reply

      My hair's on end already. That noise is painful, I thought I'd grown out of it but you've brought it rushing back :)

    3. muffett68 ☺☺ 53 months ago | reply

      smartboards- electronic? i was kinda sad when they phased out our chalkboards in favor of the white dri-ease boards. but i sure do remember the nails on chalkboard sound (and, incidentally, the chalk hidden in the eraser on april fool's day which i *always* found thereby ruining that prank >ggg<)

    4. PorkChop63 53 months ago | reply

      I get the chills every time I see this picture! Nice job!

    5. Wendy: 53 months ago | reply

      screeeech -yes its the worst noise possible!

    6. jar () 53 months ago | reply

      Ouch!! But I would prefer my favorite equation:) 1 = exp(2 pi i)

    7. jeffm211 53 months ago | reply

      Perfect submission for either/both assignments!

    8. Philhouse 53 months ago | reply

      Yikes, I'm cringing too... but from the allusion to learning the value of pi rather than the nails on the chalkboard ;)

    9. Being Frank... {on hiatus, sort off} 53 months ago | reply

      Hair standing up, goose bumps -- yes, I can hear it, now stop it too, please!!!

      Great shot, composition, color and all!

    10. Jaymi Heimbuch 53 months ago | reply


      the shot accomplishes its goosebump-centric goal.

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