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I'mma tell you a secret!

Many of you have liked the outfit Kirin is wearing and commented about it, each time I have simply said 'thank you'. Since then I have received quite a few mails wanting to know more about it, and I realized I was being rather rude by not revealing the source of the dress. Hence this announcement!


It was not some insane desire to hog the source, but rather my shyness that made me hide the details. You see, I made the dress myself, not to show off my tailoring skills (which BTW I have extremely little or almost none), but because I just could not find anything to pair with Polly's hat. And even though it looks pretty, it is a sham of a stitching job LOL. So no, I am not planning on opening a shop or anything.


Kirin and I would like to thank everyone who asked for your kindness and attention.



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Taken on July 10, 2009