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    1. elfinity 91 months ago | reply

      she's so adorable!!!

      Love how you set up the scene.

    2. esmereldes 91 months ago | reply

      ooh, this looks so cute!! And the paint is so smooth and nice too!! I have been too chicken to try any repaints b/c I feel like it will bug me if the paint looks lumpy or streaky...
      Such a cute combo an set up too!

    3. dollie_mixtures 91 months ago | reply

      thank you both ^________^ I've never had problems with paint, I use Gundam markers only - I believe they're enamels, which means they're self-leveling paints, best thing in the world :D

    4. Captain Schlumpy [deleted] 91 months ago | reply

      This is awesome! My friend pointed it out to me because I used to have the same haircut and glasses! Thanks for the tip about the Gundam markers, I've been wanting to try a repaint myself!

    5. dollie_mixtures 91 months ago | reply

      Good luck with the repaint, ^^ You can also mix the marker paint and apply with a brush for best results.

    6. Akane* 91 months ago | reply

      That's Sakura's top, isn't it? Awesome repaint job, Inga! Rei looks so cute in other hair combinations too!

    7. dollie_mixtures 91 months ago | reply

      yes it is. I much prefer it without the gold decorations :D thanks Akane! <3

    8. els82 83 months ago | reply

      Wow, very cool custom. She looks so cute!

    9. dollie_mixtures 83 months ago | reply

      thanks again Els! <3

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