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Tagged: Zen from Bangkok

Dear Friends:


Thank you so much for anyone who tagged me

(I just noticed I have been tagged.. like a year ago, hehe)

And sure, if any of you were tagged with my photo, you need to write something about yourself too . Can't wait to read yours =]


Name: Zen


Residence: Bangkok, Thailand


Occupation: Psychologist / Lecturer


Stuff I like: Ice-cream, Cakes, Candies, and of course Toys!


Stuff I don't like: Numbers


Hobby: Collecting, Painting, Singing, Day-dreaming


Things I'm good at: Solving other people's difficulties


Things I'm not good at: Soling my own difficulties


Places I have been visited: Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Nederlands, France,

Switzerland, Italy, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, and Florida.


All time favorites: Saint Seiya, Sailor Moon, Doraemon, Disney, Final Fantasy, and Barbie Doll


Treatment for my stress: Music and Shopping


Thrills: Won Bidding


Depressed: Paying Bills from bidding


My first Barbie doll: I am not sure whether it could be 1982 Twirly Curl Barbie or 1980 Golden Dream Barbie, and the thrid on is Angle Face, and the fouth is Magic Moves Barbie. Then I stopped buying Barbie for like 15 years. I discovered my need to collect the doll again in 1998 - 1999 when Crystal Jubilee and other 40th anniversary barbie dolls were parading to catalogues.


My Top 10 Ultimate Dreams:

1. To shake hands with Mr.Fujio (Author of Doraemon), which he's dead before I can do that.

2. To sleep in Disneyland Castle.

3. To walk into an Antique shop and find Barbie #1 selling with other junk.

4. To share my life with someone who understands my obsessive of buying these toys.

5. To wake up with someone.

6. To dress as Tuxedo Mask.

7. To rule the world with peace.

8. To be Santa Claus giving toys to children.

9. To go for honeymoon in Florence and Venice, Italy.

10. To open Disneyland or Disney store in my Town




Ok, so that's what I can think of about myself now.

If I think of something new, I'll add.

Thanks for tagging and reading =]

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Taken on March 15, 2010