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FR vs Nu.Face | by DollSociety
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FR vs Nu.Face

You're probably wondering what's the difference between the current FR (previously called FR2, but now called FR 2013, and some people call it FR3) body and the newly revealed Nu.Face body. This may not be the best comparison picture as I'm sure you'll find better pics out there but here's mine...


You'll see the difference right away. The new Nu.Face chest is flat like the previous body, and compared to the current FR body the waist is smaller and the butt is higher and seems flatter to me. Basically the torso parts are new sculpts based on the current FR body but the limbs, hands and feet are the same. It is slightly shorter to a point where you can't even tell the difference. The hip bones are more pronounced. The navel is slightly bigger compared to FR's navel. A modification which I find unnecessary. I am somehow not much of a fan of this new Nu.Face body's nipples. They are similar to Jem and Color Infusion but not FR which is weird because I like FR's nipples better. I just think they're not as subtle. FR's breasts reminds of a typical mannequin's breasts which I like. Not unless Nu.Face gets their nipples upgraded and modified by next year to look similar to FR and I would be totally fine with that.


I also noticed how the hip joints are not as tight as FR. I mean it's not that big of a deal, I'm just hoping they don't loosen up easily. I feel like they can move more freely, which to me is a good thing.


So what fashion fits the new Nu.Face body and what doesn't?

The new Nu.Face body can wear the same fashions as the dolls with the current FR bodies. Which to me is what makes all this body upgrades worth it. They can also share fashions with Jem and Color Infusion. Some old Nu.Face dresses fit the new body too but not the super tight ones. Some old Nu.Face shirts, skirts, jackets, coats and some pants fit them as well. Although sometimes it will take a lot of effort to put those pants on since their hips are slightly wider. Jem and Color Infusion have big butts so some pants made for the new Nu.Face body may not fit them. They can no longer share shoes with the Dynamite Girls, Monogram, old FR & old Nu.Face bodies, which is unfortunate, but they can share shoes with any FR2 dolls and any dolls with the current FR body since the feet sculpts are just the same.


From here on out, the body parts are now detachable. From FR, Nu.Face to Jem and Color Infusion. At the convention Alain mentioned that the Jem bodies were designed to be detachable since 2012. Something that a lot of us didn't notice. Although I don't know what parts of the Jem and Color Infusion bodies can be detached, FR and Nu.Face's body can be detached from the shoulder, elbow, at the hips, knees and chest and of course the hands which have been detachable since 2009.


I was hoping for new hand sculpts for the new Nu.Face body actually and here's my reason... Jem and the Color Infusion line has a wide variety of hands to choose from. They were designed to hold accessories and those musical instruments. Fashion Royalty and Nu.Face being the flagship brand of Integrity, I was expecting that they would be given updated hand sculpts, since FR reverted back to the older hand sculpts they cannot wear multiple rings since their fingers are fused together and they can't really hold their accessories well. I wished they could have expanded the FR2 hand variations instead of reverting back to the old hand sculpts. Same goes with the feet sculpt. They're just not the best looking feet. I'm cringing by the sight of them. BUT I have high hopes. I believe the sculpts will be improved over time just like how it was with the old FR body. It went through phases and it went through an evolution.


See how I overthink things? Yes, I'm that person.

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Uploaded on November 6, 2014