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Miss Lillypot

Colorado Model Stephanie Dani Elle


Music: Bity Booker, Brisbane,Australia

Miss Lillypot

and her MySpace

Love her voice and accent.



Dollen on

Just some old mixes… way back stuff


Wow.. that was a lot of credits for a little test video. For those of you who don't remember this on-going project it is a bit of an experiment. I'm particularly inspired by personal space and how it changes the way you feel about an image. From a distance a person is all shape and form. But as you get with in about 2-3 feet and roughly 20mm something happens. You are now in a persons personal space and my theory is that you go from a little nervous to mostly oblivious to the fact that you are watching a video… by the time it ends.


The first of these was a Sara Lynn video… here


let me know what you think

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Uploaded on January 13, 2011