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Cold As You (For the Storytellers Group)

Colorado Model Alix R.

So I have a coupld of groups. Many of you who keep an eye on this stream are familiar with the ∆Dollen group. One of the groupls that I seem to neglect more than I should is the Storytellers group. So this long wordy mind dump is a long overdue contribution to a small but very cool group.


Now I am going to take the easy out and just tell the story that most people ask me. The Story of Alix.

FAQ's: I should have a list up for Alix alone. Here is the most common:

Q; Where did you find this girl? (at least 100 people have asked this)


A: Truth be told she found me through a friend in common. If you have a look in my stream for Raquel.. its her. Raquel was putting together a shoot for her then boyfriend Greg who is a contributor to My roll was to show up with a camrea and some lights. Nothing more. I did them one better and brought Chad and Dan with me. We got some great shots that night at SLIM 7 but even better we found a model that seems to be perfect for our style. Working with Alix is easy. Just put the girl in the scene and she can almost pop the strobes without even needing me to press the buttons. With a good 5 shoots under our belt know we have a ton of images of Alix and still can't seem to get enough some how. Between us we hae manage images in a coupld industry mags and on This shot is actually from a shoot we did specifically for Maximonline. It has yet to see the light of day... but eh.. you can't get to greedy. We all love the views, comments, favs and blogs that we get.


Thanks for keep an eye on us.



Rj Dollen

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Taken on December 19, 2007