(01.18.08) Forca! @ Takadanobaba Club Phase
This was one of my best lighting nights, ever.

I decided that to practice for my upcoming Big Show next month, I would forgo the flash gun and do my best to stick to the stage lighting. I was incredibly fortunate in that Club Phase is an incredibly well-geared venue - white floods! No shitty gels! Incredible!

I went to see UNSCANDAL, whom I discovered when they hit me up through MySpace, and I was not disappointed. The presence of brass instruments was certainly a change of pace (save for TCC$ shows, of course), and I got a lot of work out of all of my lenses except for the telephoto. The opening bands didn't fail to impress either.

I took 550 shots that night, and after editing I'm down to a little over 120. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this whole "being selective" thing, and my final product is a wide variety of shots spread across the four performing acts that I'm pretty satisfied with. Sadly the setup at Club Phase is a unicorn among the sea of inconsistent lighting that is the Tokyo Livehouse scene, so I'm probably going to pick up a D300 sometime this week. I'll still keep the D50 for punk shows and a walkabout camera, of course, but it served me well.

The Agenda:
-Opening (basically all of the brass and percussion musicians from the last three bands jamming)
-Empty Black Box

Camera: Nikon D50
Lenses: Kit (18-55mm 3.5-5.6), Prime (50mm 1.8), Fisheye (10.5mm 2.8)
Post: Aperture
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