My 5th grade classroom in Worthington, Ohio

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    I took the photo in late 1937, when I was 13 and in 7th grade ,shortly before the building was demolished for a new school. Apparently, a spelling bee was underway and 5 pupils remained. Do schools still have these?
    The door at the right led to a cloakroom. All our grade school rooms in Worthington had these. I believe they're been replaced by lockers in newer schools.. The painting (left) is Whistler's Mother.
    I have good mrmories of 5th grade and teacher, Miss Norma Grener. She was new that year and an inspirational teacher.

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    1. John Stenberg 67 months ago | reply

      Looks like some of my classrooms.

    2. TheeErin 67 months ago | reply

      What are those white scroll things in some of the ink wells? Maybe a returned test?

    3. MemaNH ... retired and loving it!!! 67 months ago | reply

      This looks a lot like my fifth grade room in the early 50's. Our school was so small grades 3-5 were in that room.

    4. jimgspokane 67 months ago | reply

      I remember those old desks! Good one dok!!

    5. Tennessee Wanderer 67 months ago | reply

      Awesome...just a very rare photo being that you took it so long ago and have such crisp clear memories that you are able to share.

    6. a_kindredspirit 67 months ago | reply

      I attended grades 1-4 in the same school building where my father and his mother attended. Other than the desks, I see many similarities in this room and our classrooms during the early '50's.
      BTW, our school still has spelling bees.

    7. mathteacher... 67 months ago | reply

      How wonderful that you remember fondly your teacher.....that is the highest compliment one can get as a teacher! As for spelling bees, they are still around somewhat but most kids depend on the spell check on their pc's. The national spelling bee is usually won by foreign kids who have been speaking English for a few months.....

    8. TedSher 67 months ago | reply

      You were way ahead of most 10 year old photographers...flash, sharp detail.

    9. glenda.suebee 67 months ago | reply

      another great vintage shot. yes, we still have the spelling bees, and it's still a pretty big deal.

    10. marlcal 67 months ago | reply

      Even at such a young age you had great composition skills for your photos. This is marvelous, and amazing that you even thought to take it as a kid, since at this age we thought this sort of photo would be mundane. Now it is a treasure.

    11. buckeye616 67 months ago | reply

      I like the picture of Lincoln and Whistler's Mother on the wall. Don't see that anymore.

    12. midmophil [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

      They still have Spelling Bees here in Missouri. In fact, they also have a Statewide Spelling Bee with the winner going to the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. Like some others, I too attended a school that had that style of desks. The building is still there, but I'm sure they have long since replaced the desks. Very nice photo!

    13. Kingkongphoto & 61 months ago | reply

      Great !
      one of best school scenes I have seen.

    14. Just some dust 60 months ago | reply

      What a cool photo! I love this.

      And thank you so much for the Creative Commons license. I used this in a blog post I wrote about an adult spelling bee in Austin, Texas.

    15. partlowparthowe 34 months ago | reply

      Miss Norma Grener is my great Aunt who is now 99! Thanks so much for sharing that wonderful memory.

    16. dok1 34 months ago | reply

      Thank you all for the comments. partlowparthowe, I appreciate knowing Miss Grenner's still alive, Here's a photo of her in 1935

      Boys in my 5th grade class: 1935

    17. pappyroehrer 6 weeks ago | reply

      I became fascinated with photography at age 13. My parents had just bought the latest Land Camera (Polaroid 1958) and this was when you had to wipe your photos each one with that chemical sealer that came in the film box. They all faded away after about 10 years....once the fading started the picture disappeared in a matter of months. (no scanners back then). Lots of cool pics, to dust!

    18. pappyroehrer 6 weeks ago | reply

      The item that I noticed was the huge transom above the door; September and May classes could get stinky hot in those rooms with no AC. What would students today think?

    19. pappyroehrer 6 weeks ago | reply

      Another thing: the books in the desks. I don't remember hauling a 1/4 ton of books and homework back and forth in grade school, like kids must do today. I see kids today with bookbags so big they are on wheels like luggage. Insane.

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