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gursky, cardhouse, and me

In 1999, Andreas Gursky presented the world with "99 Cent," a huge, detailed portrait of a 99 Cents Only Store in Los Angeles. In a move that can only be considered shockingly bold, Cardhouse recreated the photo using only his primitive digital equipment. Today, September 12, 2005, I have taken it one step further, recreating Cardhouse's photo. The basic elements remain the same- the location, the one-point perspective, the view across the shelves instead of down the aisles- but the re-creation, like a visual version of the children's game "Telephone," is in many ways a completely new picture. Gone is Cardhouse's candy with its implication of youth and joy, replaced by the antiseptic adult world of personal hygiene. And even more dangly things are evident.


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Taken on September 12, 2005