• this is after he was 'touching' Jeff? - evilnick


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  1. truck stop tea party ages ago | reply

    were you also molested by the devil?

  2. brainware3000 ages ago | reply

    those girls/kids were really annoying. i was so burnt out on nerdness by the end of day sunday.

  3. florence w. pie ages ago | reply

    OMG reading nicks note, i almost spit my coffee out all over my mac.

  4. evilnick ages ago | reply

    I'm on a retainer from Apple Care

  5. seeking_epiphany ages ago | reply

    when did you guys nerd out??

  6. * cate * ages ago | reply

    did he touch you too?
    nick is ew.

  7. trixiebedlam ages ago | reply

    it's not nice to call it "obsessed"

  8. benagain! ages ago | reply

    those girls were crazy. i think they were girls.

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