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#185: my body, my country | by dogfaceboy
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#185: my body, my country

You can't have either!


Today, the conservative Supreme Court upheld, 5 to 4, a ban on what is wrongfully called "partial-birth abortions." That we let language like this into our legal system is the first travesty. That we let these wrong-wing lunatics decide our fates is the last.


I have a friend who has just begun the third trimester of her pregnancy, and her fetus's diagnosis, that of a congenital heart defect, has been confirmed. She has made the brave, sad, and decent decision to terminate her pregnancy. If she were to carry to term, her child would die within hours of birth—unless he undergoes several painful surgeries (if he had an infant heart donor)—and even then, he is doomed to a life of cardiac care. The early surgeries carry little promise of success.


Partial birth my ass. Out of the mother's womb, away from her beating heart, this baby can't live.


I am sickened and disgusted by what we are willing to accept from our politicians and our justice system. We have to do better than this.


We can't let propaganda like "partial birth" and "pre-born baby" influence our decisions, decisions we should not be making for anyone but ourselves and our own families.


Shame on America for allowing the media to distract us from the real issues.


(For 365 Days. This is Day 184.)


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Taken on April 18, 2007