• I think I want this painted on my guitar, after I learn to play my first song.

slick flame stitch

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Oil slick at the park--just happens to be perfectly timed with the rainbow assignment at Take a class with Dave.

"1. The Rainbow - Take a shot full of vivid colors. At a minimum, we must be able to clearly identify at least three of the following colors in the photo: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple (I refuse to acknowledge indigo and violet as separate colors ;-)."

But they are, Dave.

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  1. dogfaceboy 98 months ago | reply

    Thanks for your comment, and I agree that I wouldn't normally have done that, and I was waiting for Dave to make me remove it. I only wanted to see if it fit the qualifications. I'm glad, though, that it pushed you. I kind of count on the early birds to help me decide what I'm going to shoot and how to treat it. Those "cool kids," by getting finished sooner, do me a great service.

    I have cropped this every which way. This is actually cropped from the original. I guess what bothers me about abstracts is context. I am not a fan of abstracts in any kind of art, photography included, so I wanted to make sure it didn't look like something other than a patch of asphalt with motor oil in it.

    I might play with it a little and then post the crops here, rather than as new photos. You can decide.

  2. dogfaceboy 98 months ago | reply

    OK, what do you think?

    flame stitch slick

  3. Flickr Dave 98 months ago | reply

    I like the composition of the original crop better. I really like the "violet" end of the spectrum on the right and I like the texture at the right edge of the square. The smaller crop is nice in that it enlarges interesting details. But those details are also in the original if you visit the larger sizes. This would make a spectacular print where you could see all this detail with the original crop.

  4. dogfaceboy 98 months ago | reply

    And another.

    alt crop

    Thanks, Dave. I agree. I've tried this every which way, but it just didn't work out.

  5. d.rex 98 months ago | reply

    You're going to hate me...but I think I prefer the first crop in this thread (the most abstract) over the original and the one above. I really like the detail around the edges and the colors seem more vibrant when they fill more of the frame. :-)

  6. dogfaceboy 98 months ago | reply

    No, I don't hate you. As they say, "opinions are like assholes; everybody has one." :)

  7. Flickr Dave 98 months ago | reply

    You said "I've tried this every which way, but it just didn't work out." But I think it actually works well in all these formats. It's a real gem.

  8. dogfaceboy 98 months ago | reply

    Oh, this is the winner!

    flame stitch square

  9. mivox 98 months ago | reply

    "Oh, this is the winner!"

    I'll second that! :-)

    ... Seen in my recent comments. *

  10. MsCantBWrong 98 months ago | reply

    Oh, yes! Yes!

    I REALLY love the one you have deemed WINNER!

    Look how you can see the detail of that squiggly tail at the bottom there! The colors seem a bit more vivid. I don't know if this is just a result of the crop or that you've tweaked saturation a bit more.

    But this is seriously cool.

    P.S. I think I shall pay more attention to oil slicks now! haha You should start a group! :D

    Seen in my recent comments. (?)

  11. dogfaceboy 98 months ago | reply

    Ha! Thanks. I'll take that into consideration. I did not bump up the saturation (I did that originally, to enhance the colors) when I cropped. I think it just looks more concentrated now that the slick has been contained.

  12. lonniec61 98 months ago | reply

    well seen and well done!! they all look pretty good depends how you want to use it. would look great on a guitar!! trying to learn to play myself, tough isn't it. good luck with that.

  13. dogfaceboy 98 months ago | reply

    Thanks, Lonnie. Yes, learning guitar is hard! Hard as a rock! ;)

  14. banfennid AGAINST CENSORSHIP 97 months ago | reply

    Have't we all been hypnotized by this beautiful pollution??
    Cool shot.

  15. cσttσnwσσd 65 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ~The Rainbow Spectrum~, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  16. kookiedakat 65 months ago | reply

    ooooo so pretty!

  17. K. Bonson 61 months ago | reply

    Hi! I'm an Admin for For The Love Of Science! Group and I would love for this photo to be added!

  18. rvrich 26 months ago | reply

    One must rise pretty oily in the morning for a shot like this. :)

  19. dogfaceboy 26 months ago | reply

    HAHA! Good one!

  20. moktit 5 months ago | reply

    carte d'algerie!!!

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