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crow fight

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While I was in the bank drive-through yesterday, the crow on the left swooped down and picked up a big piece of edible (I guess) trash in front of my car, took it up to the wire, and bullied the other two birds sitting there. He squawked at them while, get this, standing on the trash so they couldn't get it from his beak while he made noise.

The bird on the right left briefly, then tried a swooping maneuver to the get the trash, but he missed and came back for a landing.

Crows are fascinating subjects, and you can read slightly more about them in a book called Deep Play, by Diane Ackerman, which, I hope, I will get a chance to read one day, but which, now, is too much playtime, and I have work to do.

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  1. Paulo Brabo 88 months ago | reply

    Amazing capture.

  2. dogfaceboy 88 months ago | reply

    Thank you all for your comments!

  3. Maureen F. 88 months ago | reply

    crows are amazing, intelligent beings. Their behaviour is facinating and they have a similar pecking order to people. Trash is food and that is what is available but if you give them peanuts, chicken or cheese....they would much prefer that.
    When studying Ravens, (also members of the corvidae family) ...orinthologists, scientists...often use cheesies/cheese puffs as bait...They do have preferences!!!!!!!
    Great shot btw, nice to see the interaction!
    Oh and found on EXPLORE

  4. dogfaceboy 88 months ago | reply

    @mad, thanks for all that information. I have always been enamored of the crow and the raven. They are interesting beasts. Crows engage in an amazing kind of play. No one ever thought that birds did such a thing, but they are playful and pranksters.

    Explore, eh? Cawl.

  5. GoodMoon 88 months ago | reply

    A very:


    ...capture and composition!

  6. rtv75 88 months ago | reply

    uhhh ready to shot! Bravo!

  7. Cayusa 88 months ago | reply

    Great shot. Love the fact that you caught birdy #3 just before touchdown.

  8. Nicky Perryman 88 months ago | reply

    wow cool pic! I love crows!

  9. Baruda 88 months ago | reply


  10. Ana Carmen 88 months ago | reply

    Great fight!

    Your birds are bigger :)

    Probably they were feed more appropriately.

  11. blahmni 87 months ago | reply

    great timing!

  12. mckenzee 83 months ago | reply


    I'm doing a series of photos to illustrate the poem 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird for my webcomic, mckenzee.comicgenesis.com, and wondered if I could use this photo. I'll credit you with whatever name you prefer.

  13. klsanderson 76 months ago | reply

    brava!!! wonderful image
    (and I do know how hard they are to catch so well)
    Seen in someone's favorites. (?)

  14. Alf48 66 months ago | reply

    Very nice shot.

  15. Steffen Jakob 60 months ago | reply

    "The thought has crossed my mind! I think it's cake, then beer, then crows."

    Did you already start with the beer book? :-)

  16. dogfaceboy 60 months ago | reply

    No, other plans.

  17. Dunkin Jalki 56 months ago | reply

    what a catch!

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