01. Sweets/ Candy

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    What do you fancy?

    Bull's Eyes
    Cherry Menthol
    Clove Balls
    Peaches and Cream
    Brandy Balls
    Banana and Custard
    Winter Warmers
    Bitter Lemon
    Fruit Drops
    Satin Humbugs
    Winter Selection
    Blackcurrant and Liquorice
    Raspbery and Cream Whirls
    Traffic Lights
    Orange Crystals
    Dad's Herbals
    Extra Strong Cough Sweets
    Winter Mixture
    Menthol and Eucalyptus
    Frenzied Foamers
    Spearmint Bon Bons
    Lime Crystals
    Aniseed Balls
    Dairy Butter Mints
    Lemon Fizzballs
    Rock and Aniseed
    Peanut Crunch
    Mint and Aniseed
    Blackcurrant and Aniseed
    Lemon Crystals
    Chocolate Brazils
    Chocolate Peanuts
    Chocolate Jazzies
    Blackberry and Raspberry
    Strawberry Sherbets
    Sherbet Fruits
    Hot Heads
    Blackberry and Apple
    Aniseed Balls
    Sarsparilla Tablets
    Cinnamon Balls

    1. mrpb27 97 months ago | reply

      Oh boy!
      Where is this wonderfull shop? I need to visit next time I am over there.

    2. dipydizy 96 months ago | reply

      I love this shop!! They also do Cola cubes, yum :D Its on Hurst Street, the corner after the hippodrome, just before a matinée the shop gets queued out the door.

    3. mrpb27 96 months ago | reply

      - Thanks for telling us that :-)

    4. Rà010101 [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

      Chocolate peanuts

      Delicious capture!!

    5. SnowySnowdonia 90 months ago | reply

      Oh dear! Wish I had seen this list before I went there. Would have been much more satisfying!!! :-)

      It's part of the Birmingham Back-to-Backs Project:

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