The Great Wave off San Francisco

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    Done for this Manipulation game, using The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai

    Some details of the process:
    * Saturation and cartoon filter on the original image + some manual cleaning
    * Isolation of the foreground and background of the Wave on 2 layers
    * Interleaving of the bridge layer between the two others, in darken only mode
    * Many hand tuning

    UPDATE: it's finally the winning entry of that manipulation game =) Thanks Alisaundra!!

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    1. doegox ages ago | reply

      The original image by Alisaundra:

    2. Wayfaring Wanderer ages ago | reply

      Way to go yours looks awesome.......................

    3. hilarious line [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Cool image. It looks real.

    4. Romair ages ago | reply

      Looks like the wave that tried to sweep me off the rocks when I was fishing for stripers at Lime Point under the north end of the Golden gate Bridge (an area no longer accessible by the public). No reason for that wave; it just rose up, swept over the rocks, picked me up and tried to haul me back out with it. Scary, but I kept on fishing.

      Beautiful photograph

    5. doegox ages ago | reply

      Thank you all for your comments.
      Thanks Roger for sharing your life experience =)
      As it finished well it makes a very good story to tell ;-)

    6. jamesgrayking ages ago | reply

      really great work you did with this! I have just done one for you but looking back at this it makes me think I should perhaps have tried harder!

    7. wonderful agreement [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I love this... very clever and creative... I love japanese prints and the way you have mixed it up with the bridge is awesome!!
      Nice one!!!!

    8. MDC Design 114 months ago | reply

      Makes a GREAT Wallpaper! thx

    9. aaron_language 107 months ago | reply

      Dynamite! Love it! As long as I am not there when it happens... We would like to express our thanks for your placing your artwork here at Flickr with a Creative Commons license, giving us permission to use it. Thank you! Your artwork is up at, which is our main page for explaining Japanese culture in English. Your name is under the artwork and links to one of our credit pages, which is at Your name at the credit page then links to your profile here at Flickr. And thanks again! We really appreciate the Creative Commons license and the great artwork!

    10. doegox 107 months ago | reply

      Thanks for telling me you're using it, and thanks for having respected the CC license!

    11. santir07 105 months ago | reply

      A like this better than the original. :)

    12. eloquentlight 102 months ago | reply

      Hello, I just wanted to let you know I used your image here:

      Thanks for sharing!


    13. doegox 102 months ago | reply

      Thanks for letting me know, Jason!

    14. ChristopherRYoung 97 months ago | reply

      Hi doegox,

      I just found your "The Great Wave off San Francisco" image during a wild "down the rabbit hole" search... I am so inspired!! I'm wondering if we might work with you to further develop (alter it) to be used as a design for the sea kayaking business that I just started?
      Please see

      Thank you for the consideration! Please contact me either way.
      Christopher Young
      Co Creator, San Francisco Kayak & Adventures
      415. 787- 2628

    15. doegox 97 months ago | reply

      Hi Christopher,
      Thanks for your appreciation :-)
      My work is available under Creative Commons license BY-SA which means you can freely rework the image, provided that you respect the other points of the license: you've to keep your work under the same license and to mention my name.

    16. applestoashes 92 months ago | reply

      really well done!

    17. crowded wool [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

      Nice composition! Brilliant execution. I could not tell at first that this wasn't a Japanese woodblock print. Then I realized nobody in Japan was doing pictures of SF back then, lol. Amazing work. Really well done and you deserve the award.

    18. Brian Howell 31 months ago | reply

      My blue and red derivative versions...
      The Great Wave Off Kanagawa
      Great Red Wave Off Kanagawa

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