Funny warnings on a storage facility

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    Who said being guard is an annoying job?

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    1. FreeTube 80 months ago | reply

      lol I think the 2nd one is more likely to cause people to avoid entering. That tactic was 'supposedly' employed by drug and weapon smugglers, who get large shipping freighters and fill them with various cargo, along with their weapons and drugs - which are kept in freighters, and marked as "radioactive" or "biohazardous" - that way snoopers and DEA or officials will not check those containers which are of course filled with the drugs, weapons or other contraband.

    2. doegox 80 months ago | reply

      Interesting story, thanks!
      I'm a bit surprised officials wouldn't worry much to see hazardous materials being stored or transported without special clearance and traceability.
      The real danger is maybe the way around: contraband of radioactive materials without proper labeling (of course) and probably poorly packaged...

    3. armand_gaspy 80 months ago | reply

      They are so clearly photoshopped it's not even funny.

    4. doegox 80 months ago | reply

      armand_gaspy: photoshopped? what do you mean??
      The photos are real, you can check by yourself, go to London and buy yourself a ticket for a Thames visit towards Greenwich.
      I never use photoshop, I just used Gimp to touch color balance and cropping.
      If I wanted to fake them, trust me I would have chosen a better background.
      Avoid such easy claims in the future, your attitude upsets me.
      The storage facility is property of Vanguard Storage Services ltd, you can download their pdf brochure and check by yourself their nice aerial view, you'll recognize those signs.

    5. takanohoshi 80 months ago | reply

      awesome pics doegox, don't let the "clearly photoshopped" trolls like armand get to you, they show up everywhere

    6. emberflick 80 months ago | reply

      Some Diggers who shouted Photoshop are bloody Fools...

    7. doegox 80 months ago | reply

      Thanks takanohoshi and emberflick!
      With your >12.000 visits this picture is now joining my others in Explore, thank you all.

    8. ◄f4bi0► 77 months ago | reply

      This is reeally funny, though!!! Jee 13,723 views!!! That's astonishing for such a picture really!!! But congratulation nontheless :-)

    9. doegox 73 months ago | reply

      Seen on many blogs & here, don't know what is digg but this participated to the 14000 views...
      And a lot of "photoshopped" claims, they're wrong but I understand them...

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