2002-2004 FutureTruck
FutureTruck (2002-2004) was designed to develop alternative propulsion systems and fuels that demonstrate increased energy efficiency and reduced emissions while continuing to meet customer expectations for performance and comfort. The U.S. Department of Energy teamed up with other sponsors to challenge more than 200 of the best and brightest students from 15 universities in the United States and Canada to re-engineer full-size SUVs to meet the needs of the future, producing green, efficient transportation that has the performance, utility, and affordability that customers expect.

Working with Ford during the last three years of the competition, teams modified Ford Explorers by using cutting-edge technologies, such as fuel cells and other advanced propulsion systems, space-age materials, and alternative fuels including biodiesel and ethanol (E-85). Teams were also encouraged to develop technologies that reduce total cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. FutureTruck included an event that measures upstream fuel-cycle emissions (pollution resulting from producing and delivering a fuel) and dynamometer emissions measurements.
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