1992-1995 Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Challenge
The Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Challenge (1992-1995), was an intercollegiate competition created by the U.S. DOE and SAE. The HEV Challenge began in 1993 with 18 Ford Escort Wagons and 12 Ground-Up vehicles; twelve Saturn SL2 sedans were added in 1994, and twelve Neons were added in the 1995 HEV Challenge. The HEV Challenge consisted of events in which vehicle designs and overall dynamic performance were evaluated. The events included acceleration, handling, range, emissions, fuel economy, consumer acceptability, engineering design review, and technical reports. All three HEV Challenges represented the most ambitious and difficult engineering research competitions to date. Although they showed that HEV technology is still developing, these competitions set performance benchmarks and established testing procedures that will affect the engineering community far after the last event was completed.
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