Security Billboard Oak Ridge


70-234 DOE photo Frank Hoffman


Security Billboard Aug. 1970 Oak Ridge Tennessee

  • loxodrome 3y

    Does anyone know who designed this sign? Anything else by the same person or group? Also curious about the copyright status of the sign image itself.
  • fbrogers 3y

    The Fallout vibe here is amazing!
  • Craig Kandel 3y

    It looks like an atomic freemasonry symbol.
  • gold@$300meansaprofit 3y

    like area 51 and roswell....everyone is confused and arguing all the while citizens lose rights and freedoms yet these "secure" areas are hidden and continue on.......

    keep fighting amongst yourselves and you have no one to blame.

    It is not left vs right, it is the government vs YOU!!

    "in 2014, we begin paying more in benefits than we collect in taxes." Social Security Admin. Annual Benefit Statements 2001-2011

    Debt-enslaved robots: keep working and paying that tax and your only concern should be Facebook, IDOL, NFL/MLB, oh, and eating crappy food while you get fatter and fatter!

    make sure you vote for Romney or Obama.....we can't have you getting a nicer standard of living!
  • Giovanni Portelli 3y

    I think you're meant to be confused and happy while you stare at a solar eclipse off the surface of the moon!
  • brian0 3y

    gold@$300meansaprofit "gold@300meansaSCAM" - Hey douchebag, you don't like this country, then get the hell out. Our system may not be perfect but it's the best there is in this world.
  • plumalum 3y

    hahaha Brian0 .... good one.
  • doe-oakridge 3y

    Loxodrome, not sure who designed this sign. I'm trying to get a hold of someone in the area that may know. As far as copyright, the photograph itself is US Government Works:

    That should provide you with information on the legal implications of that. Thanks! Let me know if you need any more information.
  • Tom Anderson 2y

    Let's say this is a diagram of astronomical bodies and whatnot.

    The smiley fellow has to be the sun; the two bodies to the right have day and night halves, with the day halves oriented towards him. Plus, he has rays and a smiley face, which will be immediately familiar to anyone who has watched Teletubbies.

    The other two bodies have a few interesting features. The one in the middle appears to be larger than the one on the right. The one in the middle has a circle around it? The one on the right has a north pole. The two are connected by a geometric relationship in which there is a point on the right-hand body from which the middle body has the same angular size as the Sun.

    If the geometry describes an Eclipse, then these bodies can only be the Earth and the Moon. They're the only bodies we care about that can eclipse each other like that.

    If the sizes are right, then the middle body is the Earth, and the right-hand body is the Moon. The circle around the Earth could then indicate the atmosphere. This leaves unexplained the presence of a north pole on the moon (i mean, it has a north pole, but it has no magnetic field, so the north pole isn't terrifically interesting, is it?). It also means the eclipse geometry is wrong for a lunar eclipse, as the Earth has a significantly larger angular diameter than the Sun when seen from the Moon. Although perhaps only the solid bit of the Sun's face denotes the Sun itself, with the lines around it being, you know, rays and all that.

    The other possibility is that the Moon is in the middle, and the Earth is on the right. The geometry then accurately describes a solar eclipse, assuming the whole of the body on the left is the Sun, because the Sun and the Moon have about the same angular diameter as seen from the Earth. The north pole is then the Earth's north pole, which is a proper north pole, with magnetism and aurora and polar bears. However, the sizes are then wrong, and there is that inexplicable circle around the Moon.

    Really, it seems more likely that the body in the middle is the Earth, and the one on the right is the Moon.

    There is then the matter of the dashed white line. As any fool can see, that denotes a circular orbit around the middle body, with a transfer trajectory to a short circular orbit around the left-hand body, coupled to a transfer trajectory to the surface of the right-hand body (if you can call that a transfer orbit), at a point not so far from the north pole. So, which way round does this series of trajectories run? Usually, if a series of trajectories is connected to the surface of a body at only one end, then that end is a launch at the start, and there is a stable orbit at the end.

    The thing is, if that is true, and if the body in the middle is the Earth, then what the dashed line shows is an Earth mission launched from the Moon.
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Taken on January 19, 2012
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