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Sweet Emotion

I don’t know about you but I can’t think of what’s not dreamy about this shot; gorgeous gal, tank top, underwear and a sweet guitar. My favorite thing about this shot is actually the way her hair falls on the ground, the subtle appearance of her tattoo and the guitar. I know it’s not a macro but I got close and I think that’s been acceptable within our group.


Pictured above is my friend Katrina. We went to high school together but after graduation I never saw her again until my friend’s birthday. My friends and I were at this fairly ghetto club called 330 Ritch in San Francisco with this “famous DJ” (he sucked big time) named DJ Premier. They had rappers on stage performing. I was very inebriated to say the least and long story short, I hated their act and I started to loudly cuss out the performers.


After a few broken bottles and a lot of angry stares in my direction, my friends said “shit we’re going to get shot if we stay here” so we left and that’s when I ran into Katrina.


You can read the full story of me and Kat here… [Comes with a nice photo]


Btw, she happily informed me that having her ass against the wall and legs in the air is really uncomfortable when you've got a guitar crushing you as well.


This is for the group Macro Mondays. Every Monday a macro photograph is submitted for the week's challenge. This week's theme was "Dreamy".


Taken with a Nikon D300 w/ a 35mm f/1.8 Nikkor Lens

Nikon Speedlight SB800

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Taken on November 6, 2009