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[Click Me] This photo has nothing to do with Macro Monday, I just think its fuckin cool.

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I drink two cups of this stuff every day Monday to Friday. Too bad you can't just inject it into the veins . Although I think its 20% caffeine 80% mental because I am in a shit mood at work until I get my morning brew. However I can get even less sleep on the weekends and be perfectly fine. When I first started working back in junior and senior year of high school, I had a summer job as an AutoCAD drafter for an architectural firm. In the mornings I tried to look all mature and cool and I drank my coffee black and said “I love the taste”. I'm not too sure what I was thinking back then because black coffee is awful.


I'll never understand the people who have the particularly heinous coffee orders. Take the President of my company for example. Our admin told me that her coffee order includes “one hard thrust of the mocha syrup”. Apparently she's had to take coffee back to Starbucks for a do-over many times because her coffee wasn't the right shade of brown...


This is for the group Macro Mondays. This is a fun group where every Monday, a macro photograph is submitted for the week's theme. This week's theme was "Big Things Come In Small Packages".


Taken with a Nikon D300 w/ a 60mm f/2.8 Micro Nikkor Lens

Nikon Speedlight SB800...


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Taken on September 13, 2008