• my sister's HS graduation picture
  • stuffed dragon for good luck
  • picture of Popham Beach in Maine at sunset that a friend took and framed for me
  • library books- some I have had for 2+ years (they aren't overdue, though)
  • books about academia, grad school, and procrastination...
  • gender prelim exam study material (thank goodness that is over)
  • prelim articles and Bourdieu articles
  • my most-referred to books- feminist and gender theory, women and war stuff etc.
  • writing and dissertation guides
  • 3+ years of Gender & Society journal
  • my beloved imac, Minerva
  • "No task is a long one but the task on which one dare not start: it becomes a nightmare." -Baudelaire
  • more books
  • books I borrowed from a prof and have had for more than a year. I think about giving them back every time I see them
  • library books for dissertation proposal I haven't read yet...
  • crappy, non-working printer
  • CDs I never use as all my music is now on itunes
  • what I should be reading right now instead of doing this!
  • seminar material already read, and piles of semi-sorted research articles
  • mind-map of dissertation proposal
  • articles I am currently using
  • post-it flags and usb drive
  • mail I need to go through
  • camera battery charger
  • a lovely stack of mail I have neglected
  • I'm not sure what is in here- maybe drafts and articles from my master's thesis?
  • mighty mouse!
  • cork board with postcards, pictures and name tags from conferences
  • bag from b-day gifts from a few weeks ago
  • easy button
  • "do the thing you think you cannot do"
  • my old metal school desk purchased from the university for $5
  • eye stuff for my tired computer eyes
  • I need more bookshelves.
  • green pilote precise extra-fine pen. the only pens I like to use use.
  • my airport express for the ibook I have in my living room
  • pictures on the side of my very old filing cabinet- also purchased from the university and says "agriculture" on the front. I have draws filled with unsorted articles in here that I will need to deal with some day
  • candles
  • I have one of these too LOL - Craig Shillington
  • Is this space for rent? - Craig Shillington
  • Happy Belated Birthday :-) - kelly_pnw

my desk

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I took this for the "my desk" group (which is addicting). My desk pretty much reflects my geeky life as a grad student. I didn't even bother cleaning it- it is as is.

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  1. Sho-La ages ago | reply

    Looks like that shelf is about to cave in on you

  2. *w* ages ago | reply

    Oh it is much more stable than it looks in this picture! I could also stand to go through the stuff on top and weed out... I have a HUGE filing project in mind for this summer... (fun...)

  3. Craig Shillington ages ago | reply

    LOL I'm so glad I'm OLD!!!! ;)

  4. kelly_pnw ages ago | reply

    Great use of notes, it really gives insights to your life ;-)
    (I echo Craig's comment.)

  5. *w* ages ago | reply

    lol- the notes show how amazing I am at procrastination. This is a great illustration of the things I will do instead of work sometimes!

    (oh and I think my desk will still look like this when I am "old"- maybe (hopefully) my office will be bigger, and my furniture will be nicer- but the rest of it is all in my future!)

  6. Craig Shillington ages ago | reply

    Us oldies eh Kelly ;)

  7. Craig Shillington ages ago | reply

    VBS Watershed :) I was going to add a tiny note with *Hey, I added this, how did you find it* but I didn't want to invade on your desk space ;)

  8. *w* ages ago | reply

    Hi Craig- feel free to add notes! That's more than fine with me.

    What's VBS stand for? :)

  9. Craig Shillington ages ago | reply

    Hehehehehe ;) I'll try to trick ya ;)

    I wish I had a $ for .....

    VBS stands for Very Big Smile :) :) oops I mean :D ;)

  10. *w* ages ago | reply

    Craig- you wish you had $ for... a crappy printer? No... probably an imac? :)

  11. Stuffonmydesk ages ago | reply

    We would like to put your photo of your desk work place on www.stuffonmydesk.com because it fits in one or more of our categories namely; gadget, messy, calm, cluttered, filthy, flash, animals, busy, wow, mac, sexy, music and many more (you pick one, we got a lot of categories).

    We will gladly show it off for the world to see. If you are interested, then send an email to stuffonmydesk@gmail.com giving us permission to use/show your photograph of your desk. If you would like us to link to a website, blog or flickr gallery, then mention that too in the email, and we will gladly oblige.

    Your desk is a statement about you Eric!

  12. Craig Shillington ages ago | reply

    LOL Watershed ... no ya dag! ;) I wish I had a $ for every time someone asked me what VBS stood for ;) VBS :D LOL

  13. ferminet ages ago | reply

    Te invito a ver un corto sobre las ventanas y el cine:

    7potosi.blogspot.com/search/label/Las ventanas

  14. smoggy sail [deleted] ages ago | reply


    Please check following links out... you will see me live...

    I'm sure you will like it.


    Let me know what you feel.

    See you there...


  15. mattgist ages ago | reply

    wuddup - if you'd like, you'd be welcome @ the that's my desk flickr group. thanks.

  16. Robin Townsend Photography 119 months ago | reply

    Pretty neat! I also have an iMac and the studio full of books.

  17. glassofwords 117 months ago | reply


    I am doing permissions editing for Bedford/St. Martin's
    upcoming edition of "Seeing and Writing" and they would
    like to include your image: "I took this for the "my desk" group (which is addicting). My desk pretty much reflects my geeky life as a grad student. I didn't even bother cleaning it- it is as is."

    However, for reproduction purposes, the image must be at least 300dpi jpg or tiff. If it is this size, the image can be included.

    Please get in touch with me at your earliest convenience and let me know if we can include this image, or if not.

    Thanks for your time and attention to this matter.

    Susan Doheny

  18. captcreate 105 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called What's on your shelves?, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  19. relieved egg [deleted] 87 months ago | reply

    nice old mac

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