Cat burglar falls three storeys across the street at 5AM
At 5AM we were roused by someone shouting CALL POLICE! Looked out the window and saw a man in the street, looking up at the 3d story roof of the office building across the way. Then saw a man -- the cat burglar -- falling down the side when the wire he was shinning down snapped. The man broke or sprained his foot and crawled across the street, screaming into his phone for the getaway. My phone had crashed, so Alice grabbed hers to call police, while I got pics. The guy in the green tee came by and called police, then a dog-walker, then the milk-van. Burglar insisted on his innocence the whole time, claimed the door was unlocked, the man let him in, etc, and pointed out he had no tools. Police arrived. Two cars. Then four. Then six. Bracelets when on. I went inside
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