Filial piety means nursing your father-in-law, Haw Par Villa (Tiger Balm Theme Park), Singapore

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    1. Isaac B2 116 months ago | reply

      Oh. My. God. Seriously? Makes me glad to be of a different culture.

    2. Qole Pejorian 116 months ago | reply

      I suggest a glass of 2% might be more appropriate.

    3. jade_c 116 months ago | reply

      so not! i guess. oh well. i'm chinese and singaporean but i've never heard about this before. or im just very unfilial. bleh.

    4. _sarchi 87 months ago | reply

      itv did a play on a pregenant woman wanting to be relieved by a fellow train passenger back in the eighties I think

      -- (?)

    5. mgabrys 87 months ago | reply

      Heh - that's no mother sucking it down. That's her FATHER in law! And you thought mother-in-law jokes were bad...

    6. cib0t 87 months ago | reply

      I dont understand how people got the idea of Father-In-Law. You can think of this as an act of compassion - the lady offers whtever she has to a hungry chap. I dont see anything which can relate it to father/mother-in-law.
      Maybe something went wrong when people tried to interpret what they found in a foreign culture to what they could find in their own culture.

    7. mgabrys 87 months ago | reply

      Has to do with a chinese story. Not much to misinterpret if you look at the cultures you're scolding about.

    8. gruntzooki 87 months ago | reply

      ciibin, a sign on the exhibit identifies the nurser as the father-in-law

    9. ideice lance 87 months ago | reply

      I am a chinese, from the cloth I think it is a chinese thing. I think this statue is trying to show a very famous 'filial' event/legend in chinese history. In the old time in China, two most important core moral ideas: loyalty to the emperor and filial respect to your parrents. To educate the common people, a serie of legend/events including 24 stories are formalized.
      This is actually one of them, I guess, it is #17 in this serie and story is a man name Cui, shannan, his grandma is very filial, and she breast-fed her 'mother-in-law' when she is too old to eat. I guess somehow the storyline is still there, but maybe the creator of the statue or the person made caption simply made a mistake.
      The sequence of these events are not fixed, here is english version of the stories, the #10 is about this.
      And a painting for similar theme is here: (in chinese)

    10. jade_ite 87 months ago | reply

      It's a famous Chinese story, about filial piety, and how important it is to show respect and love for old age.

      Haw Par Villa rocks! Someone should post up photos of the Ten Courts of Hell. Now those will ruffle some feathers.

    11. CuriousMoonCloud 87 months ago | reply

      At first, without understanding the background of the story, it seems somewhat bizarre,
      but after reading the links provide by Ideice Lance {thankyou I L !}
      it's actually a beautiful act of compassion that the daughter-in-law did for her elderly Mother-in-law who had no teeth and could not chew and was weakened and malnourished as a result.
      The Daughter-in-law was so moved by her plight that she took it upon herself to feed her from her own Breast in order that the Old Woman may thrive.
      Once you get past the the Western mind's initial interpretation of the Breast as a "Sex" object, you can realize the profound act of giving being depicted here.
      Yay for the Mammary glands, Nurturers of Life !

    12. captain of a small boat 87 months ago | reply

      Still, maybe she could invest in a pump.

    13. AkiraShima 76 months ago | reply

      after reading some of the comments here it makes me ashamed of my culture

    14. wirelesspipe 74 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much, ideice lance for clearing the air! I understand Singapore Tourism Board is updating some existing storyboards and will also install additional ones in the first quater of 2009.( I will try to contact them and see whether is there any way this misinterpretation could be rectified.

      Something to share, though not relevant to any of these discussion:
      "Our existence is a miracle, in order for us to exists, to live, to pass by each day, we need so many conditions, so many things to support our existance, our body. To be able to survive a day is by itself something we should be greatful for and appreciate. When everyone has given up hope on you and your existence, still be greatful that our body, our organs, have not given up hope on you. Live each day as if it is your last day. Every day is going to be a new experience. Enjoy every moment"

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