• Piano roll. In your face, Sousa!
  • Hacker brand shortwave
  • Lenny Bruce: How to Talk Dirty and Influence People
  • Greg Egan, Quarantine
  • Jumper
  • AD&D, first ed
  • 200,000 year old axe-head
  • Australopithicene skull (replica)
  • Poesy!
  • Roger Wood/klockwerks.com clock
  • Trebuchet
  • D&D miniature paints from Orc's Nest
  • Infringing fake Disney matrioshka
  • Toaster/hoover robot
  • Miniature rendering of my head, in a jar, made of Fimo
  • TTC subway station badges
  • LA Boy Scouts "Respect Copyright" merit badge
  • Carved Coke bottle from Uganda
  • FTW research book stack
  • Chumby
  • Humpty Dumpty an Oval by Damon Knight

    Cruddy by Linda Barry

    Citizen Cyborg by Jim Hughes
  • Tesseracts 1, edited by Judith Merril
  • Painted beholder D&D miniature from Orc's Nest
  • Complete Don Martin
  • Clockwork beetle
  • World Economic Forum credentials
  • San Diego ComicCon GoH badge
  • Hugo Loser ribbon
  • Unauthorized infringing pirate Russian KISS matrioshke
  • Googly eyes
  • O'Reilly Unix book
  • Lizard Music

    Advance review copy of THE HACKER CRACKDOWN


    In the Beginning Was the Command Line

    Book of Daniel

    Brown Girl in the Ring

    The Futurians
  • Ltd edition Byrne/Eno EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS box-set
  • Coraline box
  • Geek Atlas! - John Baichtal
  • To-be-read shelf (one of two)
  • Hollow books full of office supplies
  • Wrecking bar
  • Datamancer keyboard
  • Red Planet first edition
  • Secrets and Lies
  • Daniel Pinkwater 4
  • Humans!!!
  • Unexploded cow/Cheapass Games
  • Steal This Book
  • Kila Kitu Kenyan cowboy shirt made from recycled textiles
  • I love the way the keyboard is reflected in your glasses. Just shows what a great picture this is. - Paul Parkinson LRPS (parkylondon)
  • Book about Norway. I have no Idea what you would need that for (I hope it's mostly nature photographs), but as a Norwegian I still have to say Yey! :) - forteller.ipernity.com
  • This looks like an onager, which uses torsion. Trebuchets use a counterweight. - G1itch
  • A Møøse once bit my sister ...
    - devojane
  • Watchmen - forteller.ipernity.com
  • Roald Dahl and Fitzgerald? The man's got taste. - framefreezer
  • MAO! - diningferrari
  • I hope the display is at this height for photo purposes only. Ergonomics, my friend. - cupcakewalk
  • Sandman: Endless Nights - Neil Gaiman - RubyJi

Portrait by Jonathan Worth 1, credit Jonathan Worth, link to http://jonathanworth.com

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  1. MetaGrrrl 56 months ago | reply

    What I particularly like the idea of is that there is a series of "Cory in his nest" portraits with the special things called out and that each portrait can preserve a time/place/person you are. Then you can rotate out stuff that isn't you anymore and change things around and take a new portrait. Very energizing!

  2. seajadeP 56 months ago | reply

    Gustavius: too funny; that's the very first thing that popped into my head when i saw this.

    awesome office space, cory. good to see you so focussed on your work. clutter doesn't hurt if it's not a distraction. the annotation is a nice touch - stuff is just stuff until it's got a name/use...

  3. Gustavius 56 months ago | reply

    "Hollow books full of office supplies"... what kind of supplies does one need to stash in hollow books, hmmm? ;-)

  4. Marigold. 56 months ago | reply

    wow what a great amount of books! this looks great

  5. Borgabisi (Kris Harrison) 56 months ago | reply

    Don Martin Complete Collection!!! Love it!

    Seen in the interestingness archives. (?)

  6. Alvin Gumba Photography 56 months ago | reply

    portrait of a busy person.

  7. Fabian Stürtz [deleted] 56 months ago | reply


  8. smirgutt 56 months ago | reply

    this picture is truly awesome!!

    the surroundings are a portrait in themselves
    showing who you are, in a different way

    really really love it

  9. Marco Raaphorst 56 months ago | reply

    this would make my girlfriend nervous. too much stuff :-)

    I only need a guitar. and a laptop.

  10. -sina- 56 months ago | reply

    Your photo has been appraised as a Platinum Photograph
    We would be honored to have your photo in our group!
    Please tag your photo with platinumphoto
    (Questions?) (Rules)

  11. sophiehadley 56 months ago | reply

    thats a whole lot of books!

  12. bartholomew 56 months ago | reply

    nice shirt Cory! ;)

  13. sfarmer76_2007 55 months ago | reply

    Picture makes me happy too...

  14. Teacher Support 55 months ago | reply

    Great office! My family might not see me for days if I had a room like that.

  15. karavshin 55 months ago | reply

    What is 'Hacker Brand Shortwave' ???

  16. TheeErin 54 months ago | reply

    Shelves of envy! I dig this.

  17. ~midorichan 40 months ago | reply

    So colorful! I like!

  18. MetaGrrrl 40 months ago | reply

    It is always both time to get over and time to celebrate yourself.

    Cory is more stubbornly himself than many and that kind of attitude isn't necessarily designed to please anyone else.

  19. Orcas Girl 33 months ago | reply

    Makers live!

  20. lifebeginsat50mm 33 months ago | reply

    Very cool portrait!

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