A Big Hairy Spider

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    A new, terrifying player has emerged in Lego Battle Bugs. The Spiderbot Forward Command Bug. This large mech is biomechanical in it's construction. It is made of both organic tissue, and mechanical parts.

    It's body is covered in thousands of hairlike growths. They serve two functions. Firstly they mask the Spiderbot's EM signature, making it appear to sensors as biological rather than technological in nature. This hides it from enemy radar and both passive and active sensors. Secondly these hairs are actually part of an integrated network of antenna allowing it to monitor enemy frequencies, and co-ordinate with the forces under it's command. The Spiderbot itself is one massive communication array. The esoteric nature of it's form makes it extremely difficult for enemies to triangulate the location of it's broadcasts.

    The bulk of the Spiderbot's body is taken up with massive tactical and encryption/decryption computers, however it is not entirely defenseless. It is quick, agile, and strong in melee combat, and it is armed with a number of heavy yield corrosive warhead missiles. It also carries a squad of robotic infantry.

    Lastly it's very appearance was designed to instill a primal fear in it's opponents. Many humans, as well as other species have an almost instinctual fear of spiders, and it's robotic creators understand this. While it's basic mission profile is one of indirect combat through stealth and coordinated tactics, it can also be used as a potent weapon of fear and awe.

    EDIT: With the advent of the Tick Battle Bug, a software package is being developed for the Spiderbot which will allow the hairs on its outer surface to detect the intrusion of such robotic parasites.

    The "Big Hairy Spider" was built for the Battlebugs Creepy Crawlers Build Challenge.

    Battlebugs is returning to BrickCon in 2010, so be sure to bring your bugs!!!

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    1. txkimmers 61 months ago | reply

      unbelievable! you gave my kid the heebie jeebies and he loves Lego's.

    2. rabidnovaracer 61 months ago | reply

      Absolutely stunning! Great job!

    3. kk7k 61 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called MY FLICKR FAV's (Invite a Friends Photo), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    4. hemish71 60 months ago | reply

      Super super creepy

    5. Dr. Frennd* [deleted] 60 months ago | reply

      LOTS. OF. JOYSTICKS. -Frennd

    6. Doctor Mobius 60 months ago | reply

      Some folks have asked me what species this spider is. Well... It's a spider. I picked and chose the features I wanted from different species for this one. It is not a Tarantula. Tarantula legs tend to arch higher, and be proportioned differently towards the body. Their hairs tend to flow in the same direction, down the legs, and towards the back on the abdomen. For this one I wanted that random, messy, hairy look. Also randomizing the hairs helps hide all those right angles you get with basic bricks.

      I looked to the barn spider, wolf spider, and other species who's body tends to be low to the ground, but who's legs tend to stay long and low as well rather than being kept in tight to the body. Those are the creepiest to me personally. There's a certain fearsome and regal look to famous ones like the Black Widow that I love, but that wasn't the aesthetic I wanted for this guy, however it's none of those species either.

      People who examine it closely may notice that while it has the smaller abdomen of a male, it doesn't have the pedipalp, appendages outside the mandibles that male spiders have for... ahem... male functions. This is mainly due to running out of room for everything. The bigger fangs looked better.

      I chose the smaller abdomen for two reasons. The first is that I didn't want it to be the central focus of the spider when you see it. The legs and eyes give it that creepy crawly feel. The second is that it meant about 3000 fewer levers to attach to the thing. I got callouses on my fingertips from putting all those on.

      So in short, it's not any particular species, hence the name "Big Hairy Spider"

    7. justin pyne 56 months ago | reply

      Damn, it was hard to believe this was LEGO. :D

    8. Kaille400 56 months ago | reply

      Can I put it as my background? :D

    9. Doctor Mobius 56 months ago | reply

      If you mean as the wallpaper for your computer desktop, sure. :)

    10. Andrew "Minifig" Barker 53 months ago | reply

      I wish you'd build this in the LEGO Designer, because then you could get instructions with it. :)

    11. Doctor Mobius 47 months ago | reply

      I don't have the patience to go through Lego designer and attach 7000+ levers, however it's a very simple design. It shouldn't be hard to replicate save for finding the levers to do it.

    12. <Antimatter> 47 months ago | reply

      *Scared gurgle*. Ugh! I hate spiders! Awesome job on the hair though!

    13. keepthefaithp 30 months ago | reply

      I'm not even scared of spiders & that thing is creepy!

    14. F@bz 23 months ago | reply

      Insane moc

    15. ßrick ¢ow 22 months ago | reply

      Screammm!!!!!! :0

    16. thormagniss . 7 months ago | reply

      same here
      my ears?

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