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    So, it is Halloween again and this news deserves a blog update. In honor of Debra Hill, the producer (R.I.P. 2005), who used to be my next-door neighbor ...
    ... I will make this the basis for a new blog update 2012!!!

    last year's blog ...
    Fear of Fright Night (redux):

    LA Times 10-24-12

    ‘Halloween’: John Carpenter classic returns for theatrical run
    Oct. 24, 2012 | 6:00 a.m.

    Michael Myers, the masked silent Shape that emerged from the shadows of Haddonfield, Ill., to stalk generations of moviegoers, will return to theaters Thursday for a re-release of John Carpenter’s landmark 1978 horror film “Halloween,” just in time for the Oct. 31 holiday.
    Trancas International Films, in partnership with Compass International Pictures and Screenvision, will open “Halloween” in roughly 560 theaters in the U.S. and more in the United Kingdom this week, marking the widest release the film has had since its original run.
    With the 35th anniversary of “Halloween” arriving next year, it seemed the right time to resurrect Carpenter’s classic in a proper theatrical setting, according to Justin Beahm, Trancas’ vice president of licensing and new media. …..

    “He isn’t a destination creature,” Beahm said. “In ‘Jaws,’ the shark’s only a threat when you’re in the water. In so many films, you have to venture into the darkness or into the mysterious whatever to find the creature. Michael exists in the shadows in our own homes. He’s in the closet. That never goes away, that’s always going to be relevant to people and there’s a real timelessness to it.”
    – Gina McIntyre

    Weho Houses' Spooky 'Halloween' History
    Scenes from John Carpenter's visionary 1978 film were shot on North Orange Grove Avenue.
    By Noe Gold
    October 29, 2010

    Short URL: patch.com/A-RbW

    … and speaking about Halloween, this piece is a perennial:
    Fear of Fright Night
    Why the current crop of horror films holds no candle to the original masters
    By Noe Gold

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