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The Unwelcome Visitor | by Dr. Keats
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The Unwelcome Visitor

Yep, no-one's ever happy to see these buggers!


It's a Huntsman, one of the rare non-fatal-on-sight Aussie spiders.


They're actually perfectly harmless to humans, they just scare the shit out of us because of their habit of appearing out of nowhere and LURKING while waiting for passing insects.


Technically, they have caused more deaths than all other Aussie spiders combined - they like living in cars, and many a car has gone off the road or into something solid after the driver spotted one crawling across the windshield, or pulled the sun-visor down and had one drop in their lap...


Size ranges from a couple of centimetres (an inch or so to you non-metric North American types) to the size of a small saucer.


I always feel slightly guilty squishing spiders - I try not to if at all avoidable, and I let Huntsmen go whenever possible, even re-locating them if I can.


However, "White-tails" get flattened on sight, "Red-backs" see me RUNNING in the other direction, and I've only ever seen one "funnel-web" (in my backyard in Melbourne, an area that they weren't supposed to live in), and that was enuff...

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Taken on September 22, 2006