2012_01_15 Ray Simone's Hassle House poster
In 1974 Ray Simone created a poster for a place called Hassle House, in Durham, North Carolina. The job was for the Duke Media Center, and quickly became a collector's item. One of those collectors was Jay Cunningham, a friend of Ray's from back in the decade. After Ray died, I put up the blog post at the last link, Jay scanned the poster and sent me the files. I unpacked the images into separate files of their own — they're all so damned good — and put them up here, dated to coincide with Ray's memorial service in Pacifica, California. It was this poster that got me turned on to Ray. After I called Ray (who I didn't know yet) to see if he was up for illustrating an ad I was putting together for an audio shop I was consulting, Ray told David Hodskins that "Doctor Dave" was on the phone. (I won't bother you here with the backstory on that.) David told Ray to arrange a lunch, and the long-term effect of that was Hodskins Simone & Searls went on to become one of North Carolina's and then Silicon Valley's top advertising agencies. Much history has happened since then, but remembering where it all started is a sweet and good thing to do. Ray was just freaking brilliant, and very very funny as well. The most creative guy I've ever known. Miss him bad.

For more about Ray and the poster, dig Rob Gringle's comment here.
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