George W. Searls 1863-1934
Photos from the life of George W. Searls, my Grandpa. He and his many siblings grew up on South State Street in Syracuse, New York. He was a carpenter, and headed D.W. Griffith's crew making silent films in Fort Lee, New Jersey, in the first decades of the last century. He also led building the frightening Cyclone roller coaster at Palisades Park. He married Ethel F. Englert, my grandmother, when he was 40 and she was 21, and built the family home at 2063 Hoyt Avenue in Fort Lee around the same time. They raised three children there: Aunt Ethel Frances, Allen Henry (my father, whom we always called Pop) and Aunt Grace Irene. Grandpa died in 1934 at 70. Aunt Ethel died in 1969 at 63, Pop died in 1979 at 70, Grandma died in 1990 at nearly 108 and Aunt Grace (who commented on many photos I've put up here) died in 2013 at 101. The last shots in this series are of Brookside Cemetery in Englewood, New Jersey, where Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Ethel are all buried.
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