2010_11_12 Searls Family archival photos
Archival photos of the Searls family, from the collections of Grace Apgar and Martin Burns. Grace is my aunt, younger sister of my father, Allen H. Searls. (She spelled it Searles, as did most of her father's siblings — though not her father George W. Searls. It gets confuzzing.) Grace was born in 1912, and is doing fine. I'm hoping that by enlarging and cleaning up these scans of many pictures (morel than a few of which are small), some of the faces can be identified. Martin, son of Grace's cousin Catherine F. Dwyer Burns, is helping out with many of these. Catherine was the family genealogist, and contributed enormously to the collective memory of the far-flung relatives that have spread out from the early ones featured at the top of the set here. I've arranged the shots chronologically, guessing at many of the dates. This seems important work (and play) to me, as our generation (Martin's and mine) move into our own Social Security years, and while we still have Grace and too few others helping us fill in the gaps. Anybody within our outside the family who feels like helping out, please do. There is much history in here, and far from all of it is from our own family. Examples include photos of the original (and scary) Cyclone roller coaster at Palisades Park, construction of the George Washington Bridge, silent movie sets, 19th century New York street scenes, the doomed Morro Castle cruise ship, and much more.
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