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Groom Lake and Papoose Lake, both in the Nevada Test and Training Range. Groom Lake is also in Area 51. Note that some of the lines you see beside Groom lake are among the longest runways on Earth.

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  1. WMGoBuffs 57 months ago | reply

    Good eye! I would think there would be a larger restricted area above this base. Of course, this doesn't show anything that Google Maps doesn't already show...

  2. dsearls 57 months ago | reply

    Well, you can't put a curtain in the atmosphere. This was shot from about 100 miles away on a plane to Reno from Phoenix, using a good camera with a long lens. (Not the best lens, but it did the job.) I wasn't able to identify any of this stuff until I got back and looked it up. I had suspicions, but I wasn't sure. The truly strange and interesting item (elsewhere in this set) was Frenchman Flat. I suspected this was the home of "Doom Town," but didn't know for sure. It seemed strange to see such an odd assortment of man-made formations on a dry lake, and to see the lake so obviously disturbed by ... something. Turns out it was many nuclear bombs.

  3. WMGoBuffs 57 months ago | reply

    100 miles is a good long way, and must be outside of their protected airspace. I've poked around Google Maps north of Groom Lake, and it's amazing to see all the pockmarks from nuclear tests. Amazing and frightening.

  4. dsearls 57 months ago | reply

    Aviation sectional maps show lots of protected air space over large parts of Nevada. If you look at skyvector.com/ you can see how narrow the lanes are for commercial traffic. I believe what you see north of Groom Lake is not from nuclear tests, but from more conventional bombing runs. You will see on the sectional that it's called a bombing range, and in fact much of this part of Nevada is exactly that for Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. While Area 51 is originally a term from the atomic testing age, it is not among those listed here as an atomic bomb testing site. There are plenty of others to marvel at in Google Earth and other maps, though.

  5. Senor_Droolcup 56 months ago | reply

    Incredibly good photo: everyone is talking about this at the Dreamlandresort.com forums. Great job.

  6. Pete Tillman 55 months ago | reply


    Added to

    Thanks for posting as Creative Commons!

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  8. dsearls 41 months ago | reply

    Go ahead and use the shot any way you please.

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