Guess Where 2, RG giveaway

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    Can you guess where this? I have a few tickets for RoboGames this coming weekend, and I've decided to share them with people who can correctly guess the location the above picture was taken. I have several different "Guess where" pics, all taken in the Bay Area. If you can guess where a picture was taken, post your answer in the comments. I'll only be giving one ticket away per picture. This little giveaway is valid only on Tuesday June 8th, but guessing can continue for as long as it may take.

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    1. sfslim 88 months ago | reply


    2. docpop 88 months ago | reply

      You win a ticket! Send me your address, or let's plan a time for me to hand it off to you directly.

      BTW, can you tell me anything about this piece?

    3. sfslim 88 months ago | reply

      As a matter of fact, I can.

      That leg - known among hacker historians as "The Pua'Gua'Poaha Key" - has been passed down through at least 23 generations of software engineers. It is the first known example of a carved knot cypher, a highly advanced form of cryptographic art.

      Rumored to have been originally hand-crafted by an ancient island-dwelling tribe of cryptologist hunter-gatherers, The Pua'Gua'Poaha Key is said to contain within its elaborate designs the hieroglyphic sequence necessary to translate the tribe's vast library of programming knowledge, which was kept - in an encoded form - on bound sheafs of a hand-made paper known as "White Papyrus" for its characteristic color, achieved through extensive bleaching by sun, salt and sand.

      The knowledge contained in these writings is said to be so advanced that were any one hackerspace to be in possession of both the white papyrus library and The Pua'Gua'Poaha Key, they would be able to rule the (programming) world. Consequently, subsequent generations of hackers have vowed to keep the two forever separated.

      Noisebridge inherited the key under mysterious circumstances in late December of 2008, when TV-B-Gone creator Mitch Altman returned from the The 25th Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, suffering from glossolalia and missing one shoe. Later, several stitches were discovered behind his left ear, where a small incision had evidently been made. To this day, Mitch refuses to speak of the incident, dismissing any inquiry with the gravely spoken phrase "Speak with the man from Trieste."

      The current location of the white papyrus library is unknown.

    4. ekimtiki [deleted] 88 months ago | reply

      How the hell did I miss this? Interesting!

    5. BillyBuggy 88 months ago | reply

      Someone stole it from the top of Insadong market in Seoul:

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