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approx. 1950, Portugal: l'artiste | by doc(q)man
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approx. 1950, Portugal: l'artiste

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My mother's brother Frits jr. or Boed never married and led (in my young boy's eyes at least) an adventurous life. A portrait of him, later in life, can be seen here.


It's funny how, now that I'm trying to write some things down, I realize how little I factually know about his life. He grew up in the idyllic house on the seadike outside Veere, Zeeland and moved back to Amsterdam in 1936 after his mother died young. He went to artschool right before the war but did he/was he able to finish it? I know he had to hide when the Germans deported all young able bodied men to work in Germany but have no idea how, when, where...


After the war he must have started his career as a fine artist, always struggling, never making much money but never giving up that calling of his either.


This shot is another one he left me after he died in 1989 in that great, big envelope that held all the pictures he had gathered of himself over the years.


If I remember correctly he made this mural in a restaurant in a small fishing village in Portugal on one of his trips. He's pretty young so I guess it must have been about 1950. The mural probably paid for his meals and bed for a while since he had no money and always worked while traveling: fruit picking was never beneath him (and how romantic in the eyes of his young nephews!).


Love his look of indifference, pride and non conformism, leaning casually against the wall, a cigarette dangling from his mouth, his hands in his pockets. It reminds me of the Nouvelle Vague, the post-war young generation's philosophy and attitude towards life.

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Uploaded on February 18, 2007