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29 girl and anchor

One of the best shots from this album in my mind.


The rowboat, that came with the house my grandfather had bought, prominently taking up most of the image, the anchor with chain (huge in relation to the little girl next to it) and the skyline of the old town of Veere shimmering in the background. You can make out the medieval townhall's slender tower and even (granted, you have to know it's there...) the harbor entrance's 'Campveerse' Tower. The shot was probably taken with the boat beached on the little private beach, by the house since the view of Veere is exactly the one you would have had from there.


And then, the little girl, my mother! Someone made a comment to another of these albums' pictures how serious she often looks and here, too, she is studying something on her shoe(?) quite seriously. Did it get wet maybe?


Yes, I just love this picture!


From the second of two albums my grandfather, Frits Lensvelt, put together about his daughter Klaertje's (or Puck, as she was called in her youth) first 3 years (1916 - 1919).


Both of them are small, handmade, leather bound albums , probably made for him by a professional bookbinding acquaintance (as a bookdesigner I'm sure he had his contacts!).


The pictures in them are tiny, often no more than 2"x 1,5" and my grandfather, calligrapher that he was, provided all of them with a number and place and date in that meticulous handwriting of his.


Both these albums are delightful glimpses into my moher's early years. Not all pictures are superb (although some certainly are!) but together they form a real treasure.

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Uploaded on January 19, 2008