• Meow Meow - Dianne Learned
  • Sjors looks so happy :D - Sibi
  • fried kitten?! (crispy) - nogadin
  • Fooood! - Meffi
  • must be reported to the RSPCA for animal cruelty!!! :P - rat_racer
  • shouldn't he speak Dutch? :-P
  • the Happy Cell!!!
  • they would think you are nuts :-P
  • Eten! :D Well actually when I see yummy food I just say fooooood! ^^ - Meffi
  • I'm getting hungry.. :) - Nerderella

Sjors inherited Meffi's love for Fried Chicken

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Chicken Nuggets in this case o_O

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  1. Meffi ages ago | reply

    Ow we can get the nuggets for breakfast :P

  2. 【W】 ages ago | reply

    You can't lose with these plushies. They fufill so much weakness in a girl's heart. You've got the cute kitties, yummy chicken nuggets, fries, coke, and dipping sauce. Not to mention, they have no calories...

  3. doc18 ages ago | reply

    do they come with fries? :D

    hahahaha you mean this is the winning formula when I buy a girl dinner?

  4. ● MISS_ONEYES ● ages ago | reply

    This is all plush? Amazing.... I feel so inspired by this photo. I want to create a complete plush wonderland! :D

  5. doc18 ages ago | reply

    yes all plushes :) I believe the Oneye plush wonderland will be amazing!!! I can't wait to see it (^o^)

  6. chocokat0718 [deleted] ages ago | reply

    This is freakin' crazy cute!!

  7. Meffi ages ago | reply

    Of course they come with fries, everything comes with fries over here :P

  8. i! ShadOw !i ages ago | reply

    so lovely....i like it

  9. babykailan ages ago | reply

    i dont know what else to say but KAWAII !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. doc18 ages ago | reply

    do you feel sick after looking at it like you had too much KFC? :-P

    really!!! they must have ripped me off because I don't remember having fries when I was in Amsterdam!!!

    thank you :)

    you going to make some costume for Baobao and Beibei? :D

  11. Gabbing Gaby [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Thats sooo cute. Where'd ya get it?

  12. doc18 ages ago | reply

    there is a US online store that sells them www.shopkawaii.com/category_s/21.htm not sure whether they ship to your country but worth checking out :)

  13. aragost ages ago | reply

    Cute things, fried. Can't figure anything cooler :D

  14. doc18 ages ago | reply

    hehehehe glad you like them :)

  15. beli* ages ago | reply

    hhaaa friends friends I found friendssss AND BROTHERS TOOOO


    i,m belisaarioo

  16. doc18 ages ago | reply

    hello belisaario :D

  17. The Phantom Moon ages ago | reply

    oh my gosh - how cute!

  18. Rachel987 ages ago | reply

    sosososo cute!
    love it!

  19. rubykittyruby 107 months ago | reply

    Fabulous! (And you must have the most commented on photo I've seen so far on Flickr!)

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