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Leffe Blonde beer. They also had Stella Artois and Chimay, both of which I can get just fine at home, and so declined.


The Leffe Blonde was tasty, as many reviewers on the interblags will attest, and has a strong "bready" and "fruity" aroma and taste. It's also got a pretty high alcohol content, based on the buzz I got from just one. Three of these and I'd need help to get back to the room.


But there was a peculiar after-note that I couldn't quite identify that kept reminding me of something in a first-aid-kit. I'd probably have gotten over it immediately if I was able to say "oh, that's clove" or "oh yeah, that's bacon" but I wasn't able to identify that contributor and so it was disconcerting. Some small number of reviewers on the interblags give Leffe Blonde a very low rating, and I'll bet this is why.


Part of a trip to Brussels, Belgium. In and around La Hulpe

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Taken on July 19, 2012