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Howzat!?! (270/365) | by Rob Webb.
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Howzat!?! (270/365)

This is my response to the challenge issued to me by the descendant of someone deported from this great country I call home for being a stealing scumbag - ~wishiwasanotter~ for the Get Pushed group


His challenge was as follows:

Your challenge is to reproduce "The Gatting Ball" as bowled by Warnie , with his very first Test Match ball to one Michael "what the #%#!^ was that" Gatting, circa 1993.Your shot can contain any mix of yourself, friends, family, strangers...up to you. It needs to show a cricket ball, a cricket bat, a bail in the air and at least one person jumping in celebration. The rest again is up to you. I'd like to see how you choose to depict such an ICONIC and nationally significant MOMENT :)


Now I'm guessing that this means absolutely NOTHING to our American cousins, but it's all about a game that we in the civilised(note the "S") world call "Cricket". There exists a great enmity between England and those lager swilling oafs in the southern hemisphere and we play each other regularly in a series of matches for the right to take home the Ashes urn. Perhaps Mr Otter would like to tell the class which country has the honour of holding that urn at the moment?


I went to the home of cricket, the mighty Lords, in London today in order to take this shot, but they turned me away on the grounds that the last time a bloke as fat as me was there he ate all the pies in the members area, drank all the lager and started calling everyone "Sheila". They said his name was Shane something, I didn't quite catch the second name. He probably wasn't important anyway. SO back I came to my local park to shoot this, where I received a number of very strange looks from the dog walkers and joggers. I think they were slightly confused as to why a middle aged fat man was taken pictures of himself playing cricket with nothing but a plate of bourbons with two pairs of knickers on it for company. To be honest, by that point I was starting to wonder myself.


This is another multiplicity shot, I couldn't find anyone else prepared to put themselves though the disgrace of taking part.


You may also be wondering about the plate. And the bourbons. And more importantly; the knickers. Well I felt that perhaps Mr Warne's achievements with the cricket ball had taken a backseat to his love of the bourbon biscuit and the ladies. I thought that the shot should represent this fact in a graphic manner. I hope I haven't ruined the magic of the moment by taking this small liberty with the recreation.


I'd like to thank Otter for providing me with the opportunity to make myself look like a total tit in public(again). I doubt anybody is still reading this actually , I can probably say anything now and no one will care; carrots handbags cheese toilets russians planets hamsters weddings poets stalin KUALA LUMPUR! pygmies budgies KUALA LUMPUR!

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Taken on September 27, 2011