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Screenshot 2014-11-16 20.01.08 | by dnassler
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Screenshot 2014-11-16 20.01.08

This is a still from a creative computing sketch done using javascript in HTML5 canvas. Each black square represents a creaky door of various types. I searched around my house for interesting door and drawer sounds which I recorded then manipulated and applied reverb effects to. I found mathematical easing functions that best matched the particular creakiness and durations of each door/drawer type. Each type almost seems to have its own "personality". You can view the live running version here:

But if you do I would recommend watching it "properly". That means, full screen and in the dark and with sound properly setup to hear LOUD :) That way is more surprising. Also, every time you view this sketch it will be subtly different, it will never repeat the exact sequence in the same way twice.

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Uploaded on November 17, 2014