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Alex a friend of mine is taking a photography course at a local college and missed a field trip needing to make up the missed assignments he asked several of us if we were free to spend some time in San Francisco shooting several venues with him. Fortunately, neither Dali or I had to work on this day, and I eagerly jumped on the opportunity.

On the way up I asked Alex about the assignments for each venue.

At this venue the theme was "Rhythm". Rhythm!?! If there is a concert I'll see it. Having a "literal mind" I thought of music straight away, but there is Rhythm in patterns, and symmetry.


I found rhythm in the ceiling of the Palace Gazebo's tall columns leading up to the dome, and geometric shapes leading the viewer to the center of the dome.


A fabulous exercise! One that certainly took my literal mind outside the box. Thank you Alex for inviting me to spend the day with you photographing several lovely venues, and for teaching me to "See" rhythm is in all things.


I absolutely abhor borrowing and lending. I'm anal that way...anyway I was going nowhere getting the entire dome in the frame with my 17-35mm and Dali was so kind, and generous by insisting I borrow his Fisheye lens to take this shot. Thank you a million times for that Dali! I appreciate it immensely.

It's a pretty cool lens! ACK! A seed has been planted!


Nikon D300s| Nikkor 10.5 fisheye| f22| 30 seconds| ISO 160| Manual Mode| On a Tripod| Triggered with Remote Release Cable

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Taken on January 18, 2011