Comcast Screwed up Cables

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    Yeah, this is an actual Comcast cable box at my apartment building in Philadelphia's Main Line. Real quality wiring job, huh?

    To further clarify the picture, there used to be a cover on that box some years ago, but it apparently was removed at some point for reasons unknown.

    Also, this picture made it into the Machinist blog:

    Update: And Digg!

    Update2: They STILL haven't fixed these cables 4 months later!

    Update 3: Appeared again in Consumerist:

    1. has_teya 79 months ago | reply

      No wonder I think the cable guy is overpaid.

    2. myfairkatie 78 months ago | reply

      It just tickled me that when Googling Comcast Sucks the third hit was for you. Hope all is well.

      Katie (Chris's wife) Del.

    3. M.Lubinski [deleted] 76 months ago | reply

      I used to be a cable guy for time warner in Wisconsin. Thats a shitty job.

    4. pahtcub 76 months ago | reply

      The only thing wrong with that lockbox is that it wasn't shut, trust me they all look like that, none of them are pretty, they couldn't be when everyone constantly gets disconnected for not paying their bill then reconnected. The cable guy IS under paid cause guess what....WE have to deal with that crap and figure out which drop is which, so get the hell over it and call comcast to come shut your box so you can stop bitching. Why don't you take a picture of some of verizon's punch boards, talk about crazy confusing.

    5. mcwizard 76 months ago | reply

      I was a cable guy for a couple years and that's pretty typical of most cable boxes. Especially in older buildings and lower income areas. I'm sure at one time there was a cover but someone pried it off to steal cable. It can be a pain in the arse keeping these boxes neat after hundreds of disconnects and reconnects have been done by cable guys that are usually in a hurry.

      Most cable guys aren't overpaid, they have to put up with everyone's nasty crap in their house, stupid customers, and people usually hate you before you even walk in the door because you represent the cable company. Although, a good contractor can make $2-3k a week in the right system, which is pretty damn good when you only work 4 hrs. a day.

    6. Adventures In Wonderfulness 36 months ago | reply

      Here's another example of Fine Comcast Craftsmanship, at a smaller scale.

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