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    Water a model of Tao for the Self-integration

    The highest model of goodness (for a human beings) is like water.Water benefits to the ten thousand things and does does not compete with them. It flows to the lowest places that all despise; This is why it resembles so close to the Way (Tao).
    (From its example, those who follows Tao) in dwelling they love to live close to the ground . In meditation they love to go deep in the heart.. In dealing with others ,they love humanity. In their words, they love sincerity. In ruling, they love peace based on rectifying the false value order. In business, they love competence. In their actions, they love to choose the right moment... So if you love to abide in your place(completely present; content to be simply yourself, don't compare or compete ) you do not strive with others.If you compete with no one, no one can compete with you. You will be free from blame.

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