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    老子 道德經 Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching 56,Guo Tian Variant 1993,cap..27-28-29 lao tzu,lao zi,lao tseu,mirahorian, new translation of Dao De Jing chapter 56th,

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      56. The one who is conscious (in Tao) does not (can’t) speak.
      The one who can speak is not conscious ( centered in Tao)(1)
      Close the mouth(silence your mind; reserve your judgments and words shut up its exchanges);
      Shut the doors (close your eyes; ignore your senses; controls the Gates of his Breath ;control your breathing).
      Smooth the sharpness; untie the tangles (release your worries;untangle your affairs rescues himself from any complication,).
      Harmonize your inner light (dim the glare; blunts his activity; tempers his light ;blur all that is brilliant);
      Let settle your dust (calm the turmoil;; Unite the world into one whole become one with all things become one with the dust ).
      Doing this is to enter the mystical oneness(with Tao)[mystical unity;the profound identification; the dark and mysterious identity; mysterious samenes;absolute equality).
      Yes such(a human being ) realizing mystical oneness (the saint;the wise) holds balance beyond sway of love or hate [detached and not moved or insulted either by affection or aversion; approached or alienated.]
      He is immune to gain or loss [he can not be benefited nor harmed]
      He can not be made noble nor to suffer disgrace [beyond care of praise(honor ;nobility) or blame (disgrace,shame; meanness)].
      Therefore he is considered the most valuable human being under Heaven. [the treasure of the World].(2)
      (1) Wu:”He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know”.
      (2)Legge:Such an one cannot be treated familiarly or distantly; he is
      beyond all consideration of profit or injury; of nobility or
      meanness:--he is the noblest man under heaven.
      Chan:Therefore it is impossible either to be intimate and close to him or to be distant and indifferent to him. It is impossible either to benefit him or to harm him. It is impossible either to honour him or disgrace him. For this reason he is honoured by the world.
      Crowley:He cannot be insulted either by familiarity or aversion; he is immune to ideas of gain or loss, of honour or disgrace; he is the true man, unequaled under Heaven.
      LinYutan:Then love and hatred cannot touch him. Profit and loss cannot reach him. Honor and disgrace cannot affect him. Therefore is he always the honored one of the world.
      Wieger:No one can attach himself (by doing favours) to such a man, nor repulse him (by treating him badly). He is indifferent to gain or loss, exaltation or humiliation. Being thus, he is the most noble in the world.
      Wu:Which you cannot court after nor shun, Benefit nor harm, honour nor humble. Therefore, it is the Highest of the world.

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