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Transcend the Illusory World of Conditioned Limitations | by LAO TZU - FALLING IN TAO
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Transcend the Illusory World of Conditioned Limitations

48. Transcend the Illusory World of Conditioned Limitations


Walking on Water: Unlearning our limitations


Someone may be "walking on water" not because they have learned a great secret, but rather that they have not 'learned' that they cannot do such a thing. Sometimes the correction for a situation is not to do something more, but primarily to stop what we have being doing; rather than learning something new, relinquish limiting information that you have acquired along the way.


Knowledge is gained by daily increment,


Tao is gained by daily loss


Verse 48: Tao Te Ching


48.1.Act for knowledge (Indirect Knowledge) and there is daily increase(we accumulate experience,memories,desires,activities,agitation,wei).

48.2.Act for Tao (the Way of Direct Knowledge) and there is daily decrease (we unlearn, drop , diminish desires, memories,agitation ,activities,wei).

48.3.Decrease, and again decrease[agitations,desires,conditioning,deeds,thoughts,],

48.4.Till you reach Wu-Wei (Non-action;the state without activities).

48.5.By Wu-Wei (the state without activities, non-action) there is nothing that is not done(all miraculous powers are possible)

48.6.That is why one should be permanent in a state of Wu-Wei (beyond action) to govern the world

48.7.For those who fight to conquer the world (for those who still have ambitions;for those who act, in order to win it,),

48.8.The world is already beyond their conquest. (its out of their reach; results in failure)


Comparison of Mediated knowledge(Perception) with Direct Knowledge(Perception)


Note:The knowledge of ordinary science is something built up brick by brick.This is not the knowledge of the reality, but the knowledge of the reflection of reality in the mirror of the mind. In Taoism and Zen, they say “the reflection of the Moon on the surface of a still lake , is not the Moon itself” …or “the finger pointing at the Moon is not the Moon itself” ... It is called Mediated or indirect or second-hand knowledge because this type of knowledge is mediated by the signals(impulses;activities;vrittis) from our senses; Direct knowledge (Perception) is rather something that gradually becomes visible like the clear sky and the sun emerges out when the clouds (impulses;activities;Chinese:"wei"";Sansktit:"vrittis") are not longer present.

The knowledge of Tao is something already present in us as a potential, something that arises from within.

The knowledge of Truth is thus neither something laboriously constructed bottom-up out of loose elements,

nor derived top-down out of some grand theory. Direct Knowledge can thus arise, just like a sudden insight, by itself when we remove the clouds(impulses;activities;

Chinese:"wei"";Sansktit:"vrittis") that stands in its way.That is why there is nothing that is not done when you arrive in the state of wu-wei.

Awareness of man's Original Divine Nature is like watching the reflection of the Moon on the surface of a still lake. Actually the Moon is not in the lake, but if clouds appear and cover the moon, people say that it has departed from the lake, yet it has gone nowhere. The Universal Soul is always present,always available to guide, but the clouds of the mind(wei,activities) create the phenomena of apparent separation.

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Taken on December 21, 2007